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Its a Marathon, not a sprint!!

Hack your life using this simple trick!! From time to time all of us set new goals or challenge and just as often we fail to achieve them You end up telling yourselves that you are not ready for it, you will do it next week, next month or even next year! Why do we give up so easily?  The answer is pretty obvious, We try to achieve our goals too much and too fast! We get sick of the new responsibility and it tough to change old habits and try something new so as a result, you get tired and bored very easily. How to stop procrastinating? This is a great solution to overcome and to achieve anything else. This method takes less than a minute and results are quite impressive. The technique is called  kaizen  or one-minute principle! Kaizen originated in Japan and it is something that anyone can achieve in any stage of their life, in Japan it is often used in solving management problems.     'kai'                        'zen' (

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Is Gods Eye a reality?

Gods Eye??? Gods eye a super technology which was introduced in the 2nd last part of the film ''Fast and the Furious'' So what is Gods Eye according to the movie? Is a super advanced technology with the help of which one can connect to any possible camera anywhere in the world and monitor anyone. May it be your smartphone camera, or be it a camera in the ATM, security cameras we use in our home and for business. As we all know that not everything shown in the films is not real and are not happening in real life.  But what is this technology is already in use and it's being used to monitor or let us assume we are already being monitored 27by7. We are being watched like films and every step we take and our every moment are being recorded and monitored. It sounds scary to me because I need an independent life, without the interference of others in my private life. Why I think Gods Eye is actually a reality because of the advancements i

Is FACEBOOK a threat to us?

Are we under constant supervision by   facebook ? Facebook is a social media platform and which is nowadays is a must have App to connect with people virtually, we may not consider a friend near to us but we tend to enjoy the virtual friendship, the text messages, the likes we get on our profile pictures etc. I am not so much of social media guy, I am mostly active on social media to read articles and for some digital marketing and social media marketing stuff. From the last six months, i have been experimenting with Facebook as I was worried if Facebook continuously keeps an eye and records of all our social activities but I believe it to keeps and EAR on our activities. Ever wondered why can't we see God? then you can Read an earlier article of mine What happened to me was even if I am not searching for anything and even if the article is not of my interest and likes will appear in my feed, if I even talk about it. I know many of you might reason that I might ha

Even God's were a mere puppet of Anger!!

Anger Leads to destruction!! Anger  or  wrath  is an intense emotional response. It is an  emotion  that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat.  Anger can occur when a person feels their  personal boundaries  are being or are going to be violated---- As defined in Wikipedia. As of kid, we developed anger experiencing the different situations or maybe absorbing it from our surrounding. Scientifically anger may a result of some chemical flow into ur brains, i really have the name for the chemical. When anger clouds our brain we do things and we act in a manner that we dont have control.  We being mortal beings were were born with all this kinds of emotions which helps us to take the right decision at time, without the absence of one of those emotions say-anger, happiness, sadness etc, We could make different decisions for  the same thing. so one must have a good balance of these emotions and should be used fo

Why cant we see god??

Ever wondered why can't we see God? I grew up in India and born to a Hindu family, so as Hindus we are taught from our very childhood about God and taught to Worship God every day and to have faith in him as God is our heavenly father. It is said that there are 3300000 God and Goddess according to Hinduism and as a kid I was really fascinated to know everything about God and would ask my grandmother all sort of stories and everything possible I could ask to fulfill my curiosity. One of my question that I used to ask each and every one I thought could answer me was that "Why can't we see God?" But to my surprise, I never got a satisfactory answer and some would try to ignore my question. I personally was very curious and used to watch all kind of mythological series, all the episodes and series related to Hindu gods and two of the epics- I then came up with my own explanation of "Why can't we see God?" I don't want to hurt the fee