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Even God's were a mere puppet of Anger!!

Anger Leads to destruction!!

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat. Anger can occur when a person feels their personal boundaries are being or are going to be violated---- As defined in Wikipedia.

As of kid, we developed anger experiencing the different situations or maybe absorbing it from our surrounding. Scientifically anger may a result of some chemical flow into ur brains, i really have the name for the chemical. When anger clouds our brain we do things and we act in a manner that we dont have control. 

We being mortal beings were were born with all this kinds of emotions which helps us to take the right decision at time, without the absence of one of those emotions say-anger, happiness, sadness etc, We could make different decisions for  the same thing. so one must have a good balance of these emotions and should be used for his or her benefit.

As i grew up in Hindu family, i was told stories about our religion and about gods and all shorts of instances related to our Gods.

There is famous instance about how Lord Ganesha came into being. This story is known to all and i feel sad whenever think about the same.

God whom we Pray at every step of our life, and have faith and is our Heavenly father. Even God's at times were clouded with anger and were a cause of destruction. 

If i talk about how Lord Ganesha came into being--- Once Lord Ganesha was Guarding the premises of Ma Parvati as asked by Ma Parvati to not let anybody in.  When Lord Shiva came looking for Ma Parvati was intervened and was not allowed to go Inside. As a Result Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva ended up fighting. Lord Shiva as a final warning threw away his Trishul and which beheaded Lord Ganesha.  After Some time when Lord Shiva Came to know what happened became sad and atlast ordered his comrades to Bring the Head of anything they see at first Sight. The very first thing the saw was an Elephant, so they had to bring the head of the Elephant and the same head was placed into the body of Lord Ganesha.

If we go carefully go through the above story there could have been many possible solutions and could have had a happy ending. As anger clouded Lord Shiva could not differentiate who was in front of him and ended up Hurting Lord Ganesha. On the other Hand Lord Ganesha could have asked Lord shiva for a moment and could have informed Ma Parvati about Lord Shiva's presence and then the possible outcomes have been different.

Anger Resulted in a battle between a Father and son as happened in case of Lord Shiva and Ganesha.

So friends what do you think about the above scenario? Please comment your thoughts.


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