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Is Gods Eye a reality?

Gods Eye???

Gods eye a super technology which was introduced in the 2nd last part of the film ''Fast and the Furious''

So what is Gods Eye according to the movie?

Is a super advanced technology with the help of which one can connect to any possible camera anywhere in the world and monitor anyone. May it be your smartphone camera, or be it a camera in the ATM, security cameras we use in our home and for business.

As we all know that not everything shown in the films is not real and are not happening in real life. 

But what is this technology is already in use and it's being used to monitor or let us assume we are already being monitored 27by7. We are being watched like films and every step we take and our every moment are being recorded and monitored.

It sounds scary to me because I need an independent life, without the interference of others in my private life. Why I think Gods Eye is actually a reality because of the advancements in today's technology and almost everything can be done with a small app on our mobile phones and tablets. And what if there is a hidden app coded in our smartphones which could access our camera's on our smartphones. And believe me, it is really possible.

IS facebook spying on us?Click here to know.

There are hackers who hacked into the civil defence of Russia with help of a picture of the defence minister and isolating his fingerprints from the photo itself. Take the example of one more example of one more hacker who was capable of making calls from anyone's mobile phone without the consent of its owner.

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