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Its a Marathon, not a sprint!!

Hack your life using this simple trick!!

From time to time all of us set new goals or challenge and just as often we fail to achieve them

You end up telling yourselves that you are not ready for it, you will do it next week, next month or even next year!

Why do we give up so easily? 

The answer is pretty obvious,

We try to achieve our goals too much and too fast!

We get sick of the new responsibility and it tough to change old habits and try something new so as a result, you get tired and bored very easily.

How to stop procrastinating?

This is a great solution to overcome and to achieve anything else. This method takes less than a minute and results are quite impressive.

The technique is called kaizen or one-minute principle!

Kaizen originated in Japan and it is something that anyone can achieve in any stage of their life, in Japan it is often used in solving management problems.

   'kai'                        'zen'
(change)                (wisdom)

This means you shouldn't change your life spontaneously, but slowly and wisely! 
The new habits should occur as a result of your reflections and life experience!

This method was invented by Masaaki Imai, who believed this philosophy could be applied just as successfully to business just as one's personal life.

How does this method work?

The practice of kaizen includes the concept of ''one-minute principle'' for self-improvement.

Ahh, the heart of this method is the idea is that you should practice doing something every day at the same time, just for a minute and no more!

It shouldn't be any trouble for absolutely anyone right?

Even the laziest person can carry out a given task for such a small amount of time.
we usually find an excuse not to do something when faced with carrying out the task out for 30 minutes or an hour a day.
however, you could do that task for At least 60 seconds

Why does this method work?

At first, this method might seem to doubtful and ineffective
Take one little step at a time and you will moe on the path of self-perfection.

Challenging programmes of self-improvement that deprive you of a vast amount of time and energy can end up exhausting you, and leave you no tangible results. 

whether it's doing pushups or trying to leave sugar or learning a new language or trying to lose weight. The task won't seem unpleasant that you have to get through, instead, it will become an activity that brings you joy and satisfaction.

The one-minute principle lets you see the progress you are making, and its a critical part of forming new habits.
You need to experience a sense of victory and success to move forward! the moment that results inspire you, you will increase the time that you have set for urself, maybe at first for five minutes more but this will soon turn into half an hour and even longer.
All you have to understand what it is you want to achieve. and what it is you that you want to achieve, and start doing it for just a minute every single day!

I am currently using this technique to get up early in the morning by setting the alarm and getting up from my bed for atheist one minute at the same time and every day.
I m also using this technique in my body transformation while doing intermittent fasting and to increase the amount of cardio I set for myself!

Have you ever tried this technique, if yes how did it worked for you? If not then do try and comment below!


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